So we all know about the sexy superstar commercials that debut on Super Bowl Sundays, generally garnering a lot of talk the day after they air. Then there are the brands that launch pre-emptive strikes to start getting buzz about their brand in the weeks leading up to the big game.

SodaStream’s new TV commercial featuring brand ambassador Scarlett Johansson is one such spot (see below). It sells the sizzle of why consumers should be drinking its product in typical sexy Super Bowl Sunday fashion before game day.

She starts the spot setting up the premise: “Like most actors, my real job is saving the world.” Then, donning a white robe, Johansson stirs up a SodaStream drink and tells us “less sugar, less bottles.”

After saying, ‘If only I could make this message go viral,” she disrobes to reveal a figure that most people would consider flattering, followed by an even sexier slow sip of her soda pop.

So the company is first selling the diet fad that is always on many peoples’ minds during the start of a new year, followed by the environmentally friendly message of ‘we are friends of planet Earth because we’re not making as many plastic bottles as the other guys.’

Make your own SodaStream that is “good for you” right at home and you, too, will be saving the world because fewer bottles will be going into the waste stream. It’s a message that works for people who care about both those topics.

Some of us at Spiro & Associates like it when a business that creates TV spots for Super Sunday beat others to the punch by generating talk now rather than getting mixed in with the rest of the commercials the day after the Super Bowl. Others say these brands should debut it on Super Sunday.

And yes, sex sells. Always has. Always will.