Chris Spiro has joined the ranks of thousands of people across the country who have taken the #iceBucketChallenge for #ALS Awareness. From Hollywood celebrities to New York City TV talk show hosts and regular people all round, the Ice Bucket Challenge is essentially a social media campaign that has gone viral in the past two weeks or so helping to raise money for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Today, Chris accepted the challenge, getting a dousing from his son CJ, and has now extended the challenge to friends and family:

  • Joe Mazurkiewicz, president of BJM Consulting Inc. in Cape Coral.
  • Mike Quaintance, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cape Coral and adjunct professor at Florida SouthWestern State College.
  • And Jeff Spiro, Chris’s younger brother and executive director of High School Development for the School District of Lee County.

Here’s how the Ice Bucket Challenge works, in case you want to help out: Extend the challenge to someone you know, who then has 24 hours to accept it or reject it. If the person does not accept, he or she is obliged to donate $100 to an ALS charity (if they do not, rumor has it they will feel really bad about it and not be able to sleep well forever). But if the challenge is accepted, a bucket of ice water is dumped over the person’s head, either by that person or someone else. The event is recorded, at which time he or she must issue the same challenge to someone else, then share the video via social media.

So Joe, Mike and Jeff, what’s your answer?