We recently asked this very question to our very own Chris Spiro. Here’s what he said:

One of my biggest inspirations is the everyday challenge of creating solutions for clients to help them build their brand, or to preserve or evolve their brand.

Solving challenges like that peak my interest, and probably is a result of my competitive nature and creative spirit.

I was fortunate to begin honing my creative talent through the influence and inspiration of my first collaborative partner, William Waites.

Bill taught me the fundamentals of the “old school” creative process that begins with an idea and a blank sheet of paper, where no idea is a bad one. That thought leaves open a boatload of creative possibilities that form the basis for creative solutions before a computer is ever booted up.

I am also fortunate to have other team members who inspire me. Fun people, younger and older, male and female, who enjoy a creative challenge. Our team is like a family with whom I work to find optimum creative solutions to benefit clients who entrust us with their business.