Below are a few questions posed to me not so long ago that I want to share with the world:

Name three basic “rules” concerning advertising that any business owner should know.

  1. Build the Brand. People are brand loyal, and are looking for brand that they are comfortable with, recognize and trust.
  2. Less is More. You don’t have to tell the whole story in a single television spot or ad. Employ a “less is more” attitude and see your inquires increase.
  3. Have an “Idea.” When all is said and done, the “idea” is what makes advertising memorable, creates the recall and stimulates your audience.

What are your thoughts about advertising ROI?

ROI can be measured in many ways. Percentage of market share. Actual sales volume. Repeat business. Clients should have a measurement tool and that we in the business should be held accountable.

When we create a marketing plan we have a section dedicated to “goals” and it is something both the Agency and the Client agree upon.

Tell us a few things to consider before hiring an agency for advertising or PR.

  • Are you ready to embrace new ideas?
  • Are you ready to make an annualized commitment to a plan, and stick to it?
  • Are you prepared to hear, regardless of how successful you may be, that some of what you have been doing is wrong and needs to change?

How is social media changing the way you approach advertising and PR?

We liken social media to the invention of television. It is changing the way we do business for all sectors. We are employing social media for nearly 95 percent of our clients (or assisting them with there internal social media). It is here to stay and it is gaining ground daily.

 Describe your first meeting with a client seeking advertising advice and support.

First meetings vary. In some instances, clients present a problem and we discuss a solution. But for the most part, we utilize the first meeting as an exploratory process. By the time we meet, a prospective client has visited our website, examined our online portfolio and talked with people we work with or have worked with.

For our part, we really jump in to get an idea of the company, its culture, where its been and where it wants to go. From there, we have a variety of options, but normally we are back with some type of a presentation or recommendation in a couple of weeks.

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