Economic growth leads businesses to hire advertising agencies again

After more than eight years of economic downturn, we at Spiro & Associates are seeing an increase in companies seeking our help. In fact, we’ve gained more than 13 new clients since the start of the year, generating nearly $2 million in capitalized billings.

An increase in new clients for Spiro in particular is a harbinger for the return to a stronger economy for most businesses in Southwest Florida in general.

Included in the mix of clients today are those returning to The Brand Architects after making their respective economic recovery in the past year that allows them to once again pursue their marketing programs.

New Clients 2015

Spiro & Associates is now providing a variety of services to these new clients, among others:

  • B & I
  • Gator John Barbeque
  • Ginsberg Ophthalmology
  • JAXI Builders
  • John Michaels Diamond & Jewelry Studio
  • MGM Construction
  • My Pet Alert
  • Offshore Sailing School
  • Royal Palm Square
  • STS Real Estate Solutions
  • Luxury Home Solutions
  • Transamazonik Brands
  • TriCircle Pavers

The uptick in the improving economy has led a number of companies new and old to increase their advertising and marketing budgets. We’re seeing a lot of businesses doing better these days, so there’s this domino effect for a lot of industries in play.

With many clients in the home-building industry, the agency recently won nine Excel Awards from the Southeast Building Conference, the largest building industry trade show in the Southeastern United States. Among the awards was Marketing Director of the Year for Spiro. The agency was the only Lee County firm to be honored, winning Excel Awards for more clients than any participant in Florida and receiving the second highest number of awards in the state.

It’s an exciting time to be in the advertising, marketing and public relations business in Southwest Florida!

Economic Recovery in Southwest Florida

Mark Vitner, the senior economist for Wells Fargo will give a presentation on Sept. 4 about the state of the economy. In advance of that event, he made some good points on a recent public radio interview.

He talked about how Southwest Florida is enjoying strong tourism, steady growth in employment and a housing market that is rebounding nicely.

It is also interesting to note that the region is far less dependent on seasonal visitors and snowbirds, and becoming more of a year-round economy. More and more residents live here all year long, and an increase in homegrown businesses is amazing. Just look at the resurging restaurant scene in Cape Coral alone as one small example to illustrate the point. On a grander scale, take a look at the potential for high-tech manufacturing in Southwest Florida.

Collectively, it all bodes well for all of us in the area, and should keep things positive as we move well into 2016.

Lee County Economic Development