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Spiro & Associates adds 13 businesses to client roster

 Economic growth leads businesses to hire advertising agencies again After more than eight years of economic downturn, we at Spiro & Associates are seeing an increase in companies seeking our help. In fact, we’ve gained more than 13 new clients since the start of the year, generating nearly $2 million in capitalized billings. An increase in new clients for Spiro in particular is a harbinger for the return to a stronger economy for.. Read More

Livestreaming Super Bowl Ads is a Game Changer

Online streaming continues to be a big player in the grand scheme of all things marketing, and now CBS is bringing it to new heights for Super Bowl 50 in February 2016.   The television network is doing something brand new: livestreaming every national ad in as close to real time as possible during the Feb. 7 telecast. So for the first time, viewers will not have to be glued to the TV.. Read More

Q&A With Chris Spiro

Below are a few questions posed to me not so long ago that I want to share with the world: Name three basic “rules” concerning advertising that any business owner should know. Build the Brand. People are brand loyal, and are looking for brand that they are comfortable with, recognize and trust. Less is More. You don’t have to tell the whole story in a single television spot or ad. Employ a “less.. Read More

Sex Sells Super Bowl Sunday

So we all know about the sexy superstar commercials that debut on Super Bowl Sundays, generally garnering a lot of talk the day after they air. Then there are the brands that launch pre-emptive strikes to start getting buzz about their brand in the weeks leading up to the big game. SodaStream’s new TV commercial featuring brand ambassador Scarlett Johansson is one such spot (see below). It sells the sizzle of why consumers.. Read More

New Cadillac TV Spot Further Defines the Brand’s Rebirth

A new TV spot for Cadillac – “Garages” — is a really good example of how the company is redefining its image from being “grandpa’s old boat-of-a-car” to a sporty, visually stunning American brand. We like its simplicity and emotional message: Cadillac tells us that not only is the car a great choice but they want viewers to make the connection between that product and the personality of owning a Caddy in the.. Read More