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Q&A With Chris Spiro

Below are a few questions posed to me not so long ago that I want to share with the world: Name three basic “rules” concerning advertising that any business owner should know. Build the Brand. People are brand loyal, and are looking for brand that they are comfortable with, recognize and trust. Less is More. You don’t have to tell the whole story in a single television spot or ad. Employ a “less.. Read More

Who or What Inspires You Creatively?

We recently asked this very question to our very own Chris Spiro. Here’s what he said: One of my biggest inspirations is the everyday challenge of creating solutions for clients to help them build their brand, or to preserve or evolve their brand. Solving challenges like that peak my interest, and probably is a result of my competitive nature and creative spirit. I was fortunate to begin honing my creative talent through the.. Read More

Is Your Business Ready for a Little AmperBranding?

As you can well imagine, we get a lot of phone calls and in-person inquiries as to what we do at Spiro & Associates Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations. That question typically gives us the opportunity to talk to the people about branding, about what we do at the agency and what we do for clients. But mostly, it’s about the branding. In fact, we believe so much in brand building that we.. Read More

Just Because it’s on the Internet Doesn’t Mean it’s Any Good

As the economy continues to recover I am continually encouraged as to the number of new clients and returning clients who are seeking our services — from new ad campaigns, websites, brochures and general marketing strategies. It’s exciting to once again be shaping some of Southwest Florida’s most prominent brands. One of the issues that we run into when building these marketing tools is appropriating “good” photography and “stock” photography — the latter.. Read More

New Cadillac TV Spot Further Defines the Brand’s Rebirth

A new TV spot for Cadillac – “Garages” — is a really good example of how the company is redefining its image from being “grandpa’s old boat-of-a-car” to a sporty, visually stunning American brand. We like its simplicity and emotional message: Cadillac tells us that not only is the car a great choice but they want viewers to make the connection between that product and the personality of owning a Caddy in the.. Read More