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Southwest Florida Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Team Spiro

How Can Anybody Concentrate With All the Technology?

One recent morning in paradise as I sat at my desk, it sounded a lot like a Disney sound-effects studio in my office. Between the chirps of my laptop fetching e-mails, the bark of my iPhone receiving e-mails and text messages, the pings of my iPad as social media alerts poured in, and the sounds of our inter-office intercom and my landline, it’s no wonder it is sometimes difficult to concentrate. Yes, I.. Read More

Overcoming Challenges to Stay in Business

We asked CEO Chris Spiro to pontificate on the challenges he has faced over the past few years. Here’s his response: Like so many, I have faced per­sonal and professional chal­lenges my entire life. My per­sonal challenges I will keep to myself, but surviving my professional chal­lenges is a story I gladly tell. I own and operate a small market­ing, advertising and public relations firm that I established in Fort Myers in 1988.. Read More

Who or What Inspires You Creatively?

We recently asked this very question to our very own Chris Spiro. Here’s what he said: One of my biggest inspirations is the everyday challenge of creating solutions for clients to help them build their brand, or to preserve or evolve their brand. Solving challenges like that peak my interest, and probably is a result of my competitive nature and creative spirit. I was fortunate to begin honing my creative talent through the.. Read More

Chris Spiro Issues The Ice Bucket Challenge

Chris Spiro has joined the ranks of thousands of people across the country who have taken the #iceBucketChallenge for #ALS Awareness. From Hollywood celebrities to New York City TV talk show hosts and regular people all round, the Ice Bucket Challenge is essentially a social media campaign that has gone viral in the past two weeks or so helping to raise money for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Today, Chris accepted.. Read More