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Chris Spiro Issues The Ice Bucket Challenge

Chris Spiro has joined the ranks of thousands of people across the country who have taken the #iceBucketChallenge for #ALS Awareness. From Hollywood celebrities to New York City TV talk show hosts and regular people all round, the Ice Bucket Challenge is essentially a social media campaign that has gone viral in the past two weeks or so helping to raise money for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Today, Chris accepted.. Read More

Is Your Business Ready for a Little AmperBranding?

As you can well imagine, we get a lot of phone calls and in-person inquiries as to what we do at Spiro & Associates Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations. That question typically gives us the opportunity to talk to the people about branding, about what we do at the agency and what we do for clients. But mostly, it’s about the branding. In fact, we believe so much in brand building that we.. Read More

Southwest Florida Home Prices Up

Steadily increasing home prices in Southwest Florida could mean only one thing: existing inventory is shrinking. That means more bidding wars on the dwindling number of available homes for some buyers, and for others, flat-out offers that are higher than listing prices. And for those homeowners who were hesitant to sell their property just a year ago or so, the upward ticks in prices are getting them off the fence and into the.. Read More

Just Because it’s on the Internet Doesn’t Mean it’s Any Good

As the economy continues to recover I am continually encouraged as to the number of new clients and returning clients who are seeking our services — from new ad campaigns, websites, brochures and general marketing strategies. It’s exciting to once again be shaping some of Southwest Florida’s most prominent brands. One of the issues that we run into when building these marketing tools is appropriating “good” photography and “stock” photography — the latter.. Read More

Sex Sells Super Bowl Sunday

So we all know about the sexy superstar commercials that debut on Super Bowl Sundays, generally garnering a lot of talk the day after they air. Then there are the brands that launch pre-emptive strikes to start getting buzz about their brand in the weeks leading up to the big game. SodaStream’s new TV commercial featuring brand ambassador Scarlett Johansson is one such spot (see below). It sells the sizzle of why consumers.. Read More